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Blake House have been producing films and videos internationally and in-house from their South London studio since 2016, with a team of experienced producers, directors, creatives and technicians. The majority of their commissioned work are compelling short format videos ranging from major communications to strategic social engagement content. 


Though they work in scripted content whenever possible, much of their work is done in documentary, utilising live action, animation, archival and creative visualisations. Exhibited online, at public and private events, film festivals, museums and galleries to specialised and universal audiences: funders and decision makers, membership and stakeholder groups, customers and staff as well as segments of the public.


Blake House was started with the backing and mentorship of University of the Arts London. Fighting against the tide of polarisation in the mid-2010’s and guided by values of integrity, optimism and prosperity, Blake House sought to craft genuine narratives to unify audiences action towards a better future. Now, as films and video remain one of the most powerful methods of communication, Blake House’s work, expressive of their subject’s authenticity and values, has established the company as a pioneering filmmaking studio, with their work recognised globally for its impact, engagement and novelty. 


Blake House commissions range in scale and span across many different industries and sectors. Clients include Forum for the Future, Founders & Coders, Historic England, UK Government, NHS, Heritage Open Days, Science Museum, London College of Communication, NIHR, University of Cambridge, London City University, RSPB, Impact Hub, UCLH Biomedical Research Centre, Participatory City, Global Social and Solidarity Economy Forum, The UN, Trades Union Congress, The New Conservatives, various local authorities and undisclosed commissions for private clients.


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Some other things you might like to know about Blake House: It is a cutting edge home for experimentation with the latest audio visual technology and methods of storytelling. We are part of NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionising industries with technology advancements around the world. We run the Clapham International Film Festival and regular film screenings to encourage and develop emerging talent. We also produce our own award winning films, and have an extensive slate of creative work in various stages of production and distribution.

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