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Welcome to Blake House, a studio crafting powerful and intelligent communication through the process and medium of filmmaking. Our work accelerates great ideas.

The hundreds of films we have produced over the last seven years have not only raised millions in funding, scaled organisations from start up ideas to multinational operations, united individuals into movements but also inspired dreams and changed lives.


A short film commissioned for the start of a new BRC term for UCLH, communicating the latest breakthrough research as well as the practical achievements of the team.

COOP 100

International Labour Organization

We were asked to make a film celebrating 100 years of the ILO's Cooperatives Unit. We wrote the script, handled all aspects of production, trawled through 100 years worth of archive material, sourced new material from cooperatives all over the world and tied it all together in a beautiful animation, all in three weeks work.

Case Studies


We crafted an inspiring advertising message out of archive footage merged with novel AI generated animation, coherently pulled together into one film.

Green New Deal

New Economics Foundation

Green New Deal
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The challenge was to communicate, with coherence, a definition of 'The Green New Deal' in as short a time as possible. We did so using the voices of environmental practitioners and campaigners, showcasing the diverse swathe of projects and people contributing to the idea from around the UK.

Future plans