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Blake House manages a stable of creative talent to enable the production of the wildest ideas.

However, they're not to be disclosed, we've only just met. In the meantime you'll have to make do with the directors:


Ieva Ball is a director originating from Klaipeda, Lithuania before finding home in London. Her work is to do with finding the emotional poetic core of a story, pairing narrative with sublime imagery to take your eyes on a moving flight.

Her work has been seen by hundreds of thousands in select viewing formats from cinemas to museums and great houses. Her releases are rare, as her process is intense and arduous.

Ieva is available for visual commissions, be that in moving or still image creation.

Ieva is also a prolific producer managing a busy portfolio of select film, documentary and commercial projects.


She also develops emerging talent through the Clapham International Film Festival.


Simon Ball is a writer and director hailing from Clapham, London, a place he has never been able to leave behind. Preferring to let actions speak louder than words, his film work tends to be silent, providing a space for the viewer to project themselves into the action.

A veteran of film festival screenings around the world, he is fascinated by devising novel ways of creating quality entertainment, something that has led to the development of a bespoke technique for creating animations using artificial intelligence.

He founded the Clapham International Film Festival to create a space for non-conformist filmmakers to display their work, and leads development labs to encourage the growth of new talent.

He enjoys solving complex communication challenges, and has produced a high level of work for organisations of varying scope and scale.

He has been on the BAFTA longlist for his producing work, and generally likes to work with similarly ambitious people who show an interest (and put in the work).

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