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Our film formula for impact:


It's no good producing content  if the message is canned or is in reaction to other work. An impactful film must stand on its own, singular, at the forefront of thought.

Grow Engagement

An impactful film must inspire its audience, providing sparks of imagination, incitement and activation.

Communicate Value

The audience of mass communication lead lives that are in drastically different places. If we do not provide value for the viewer to engage with our message, we are not producing an impactful film.

Win Support

The message contained within a film must be crafted to elicit support. It should be constructed in such a way that any viewer could not argue with the contents.

Direct Action

Now that our film has finished and we have lost the attention of the viewer, where should they be looking next? How do we want them to feel when they look at the next piece of the puzzle?

Our films are designed for impact. We implement and adapt our formula for the context we are placed, working with our clients to achieve their goals with great success.

Previous examples of our work can be discovered at this link.

We are experienced in working with local, national and international organisations. No story is too little, and no institution too large, as long as there is a hunger for impact.

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